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Just thinking of this beautiful song again…

I had my own encounter with christian boys as a kid.. 

Mormon boys to be exact.

The name of one popped up on my friend’s facebook today.

The curse of living in a small town.

Why am I not completely over this yet?

This song heals me a little every time I hear it I feel like.

But then I also can’t seem to let it go.

We were kids. 

I was 13.

They were 14 and 15 or 16 I believe.

Of course, being the girl, the bishop blamed it all on me.

Didn’t even know that the older brother started it.

I guess I just wish they knew..

How much it affected me. Though I am grateful it got me out of that religion. It just wasn’t for me. I have my own spirituality now.

I want them to know how much it hurt me though. I want them to realize that there are other kids, growing up in that church, feeling the way I did. I want them to know the damages of patriarchy.

And yet of course they would never get it.

Just write it down as “oh there goes that crazy girl again.”



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